Next week, we’ll be celebrating International Women’s Day on the Sunshine Coast, along with countless others across the country (and around the world). This year, on Friday 8 March, the focus will be on the IWD theme, #balanceforbetter. It’s about creating a gender-balanced world, acknowledging that everyone has a part to play in creating this balance in both their personal and professional lives. … keep reading

Most employment contracts we have seen have a probationary period in it. However, many employers don’t give it much thought, except when they become unhappy with the employee’s performance or general ‘fit’ after they commence work.

There is no requirement to provide a probationary period. In saying that, it is a great tool for employers and their employees to regularly check in with each other, formalise any observed training needs and communicate expectations. They aren’t an excuse to simply fire someone 2 months and 28 days into their employment, with no explanation though. … keep reading

When a long term employee isn’t performing well, it can be a real challenge to manage. Often business owners have developed strong relationships with this employee over their employment. It can be difficult to start a performance management conversation, whether the performance issues started suddenly, or if they’ve become worse over a length of time. Either way, for the sake of your business culture and productivity, and your sanity, it’s best to address the issues as they arise. … keep reading

If you’re like most businesses, your initial job application process probably hasn’t been reviewed in many years. It’s possibly a list of questions that you ‘borrowed’ from someone else. Maybe you fly by the seat of your pants every time someone applies for a job. Either way, it’s important to understand that there are anti-discrimination obligations regarding job applications, even if you don’t decide to hire anyone for the role.

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The statistics on domestic violence in Australia are staggering. reports that an average of one woman a week is murdered by their current or former partner.  With thousands of people (including men, women and children) across the country experiencing domestic and family violence in their homes, recent changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 are intended to help provide certainty about requesting time off from work whilst managing these challenging situations.

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