If you still need to hire your Christmas casuals, we can help! Our team helps clients successfully recruit staff throughout the year, and the upcoming silly season is no different. Whether you’re looking to hire a team of casuals for a short term increase in customers, or someone who may work out for the longer term, we recommend still sticking to hiring best practices. … keep reading

It’s a little known fact that we offer recruitment services. We successfully recruit new employees for our many clients all year round, including large recruitment drives for seasonal work. Through these years of experience, we’ve found there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for most businesses, but there are some best practice methods to make the process more successful. … keep reading

As a workforce management solution, we often recruit for various roles for our clients. Recruiting can be a time-consuming task and we know small businesses never have enough time! Small business owners tend to hire only when they already desperately need someone to complete the work, which means little-to-no planning, rushed decisions and messy inductions. Here’s some of the common issues we see: … keep reading

Labour hire provides businesses with fast and flexible access to a casual employment workforce for industries characterised by volatility in demand and outputs, including seasonal patterns. The following excerpt from the Queensland Government’s ‘Inquiry into the practices of the labour hire industry in Queensland’ highlights the benefits employers may experience by choosing a workforce management solution for their business.

Workforce management can be a full time job but it doesn’t have to be yours! When you partner with Workplace Central, you can get back to your core business knowing that our payroll and employment specialists are effectively managing your staffing needs.