Client Stories

2021-05-04 17:20:29

NiteStar Security Group

Nitestar’s Customer Relations Manager, Joy Dean, loves our updated website.

“Workplace Central’s updated site is great – it’s quick and easy to use.”

The Nitestar Security Group operates across multiple locations; so managers from each team need to record the hours worked by staff.

“I really like the myCentral application because multiple users can login to our account, all at once.”

The company is keen to use our new online Workplace Welcome Packs; instead of lengthy paper-based documentation.

“In my experience I have found staff often forget to deliver all the appropriate paper-based documentation; so commencing work is delayed. This online solution streamlines the on-boarding process.”


Hello Baby 3D

Jye Thomson shared:

“Workplace Central payroll immediately freed up the time for us to focus on actually running our business. It meant we were able to let the experts handle what they do best, so we could get on with what we do best!”