Workplace Central supports Workplace Wellness!

2018-02-12 11:44:53

Workplace Central

Supports Workplace Wellness!

We’re passionate about promoting safe and positive work practices and are happy to share with you our tips and insight into making your work environment healthy, safe and full of joy!

Because ‘work’ is often a large part of a person’s life (Australian’s spend approx. 1/3 of their adult life at work!), whether you are in your dream career or simply working to maintain your lifestyle, we aim to make this time the best it can be for staff and business owners alike. Being healthy and happy shouldn’t just be reserved for when you ‘clock-off’!

The World Health Organisation has recognised that the workplace is a priority setting for health promotion and plays a pivotal role in the physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing of workers, as well as their families.

"The best workplaces are full of joy; happy people are productive people and generate the best results for their employers."

Workplace Wellness Resources

These FREE resources are for you to use in your workplace to help manage stress, physical activity, nutrition and WHS. Download and print the posters, watch the videos and encourage your workmates to prioritise their health and wellness with you!

We’ve also scoured the web for the best resources to help you develop your own Workplace Wellness program and keep your work environment positive and motivated.


  • Drink H2O, First Aid Kit
  • Limit Stress, Lunch Break
  • Report Workplace Bullying
  • Signs for Spills, Wear a Hard Hat


  • Blink & Eyes
  • Neck & Shoulders
  • Elbows, Hands & Arms
  • Calves & Feet


  • Stress, Sickness, Obesity, Depression
  • Reduced Productivity, Healthiest Staff
  • Enjoy Lunch, Stretches, Healthy Snack
  • Take the Stairs, Take Time Out, Talk to Your Team, Appreciate Surroundings


  • Healthier Workplaces
  • Heart Foundation Workplace Wellness
  • USC Workplace Wellness
  • Investing in Worker Health & Wellbeing

Making Wellness a priority in your Workplace

The Heart Foundation explains that the best way to introduce and maintain an effective workplace wellness program is to follow this process:

  1. Gain support from management
  2. Introduce the concept and identify the needs
  3. Gain support from employees and establish program responsibilities
  4. Develop goals and objectives
  5. Identify program activities, develop an action plan and budget


  1. Select incentives and rewards
  2. Identify additional support
  3. Promote your program
  4. Manage your program
  5. Evaluate your program and make improvements

Do you work in Allied Health? We’d love to support your workplace the way you support our health!

Talk to our team today about how we can reduce your workplace worries so you can focus on your patients.

Unhealthy Workplaces:

  • The cost of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion each year, while presenteeism — defined as not fully functioning at work because of a medical condition — was recently estimated to cost the economy more than $34 billion a year.
  • Organisations that don’t promote health and wellness are four times more likely to lose talent in the next 12 months.
  • Sickness and absenteeism costs organisations an estimated $2,700 per employee each year1.
  • Reduced productivity from unwell staff attending the workplace is equivalent to the loss of six working days per employee per year.5
  • Australian workers are losing more than three days each year because of workplace stress.6
  • Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy $15 billion per year.7
  • Depression causes 1 in 5 people to work at 40% capacity8
  • Obesity results in an average work impairment of around 14%

Workplaces Promoting Wellness:

Workplaces that promote wellness programs have found that it results in:

  • decreased sick leave absenteeism by 25.3%
  • decreased workers compensation costs by 40.7%
  • decreased disability management costs by 24.2%; and
  • saving of $5.81 for every $1 invested in employee health and wellbeing
  • Organisational performance was 2.5 times betterEmployee engagement was 8 times higher
  • Creativity and innovation was 3.5 times higher
  • Retention of talent was 4 times higher over a 12 month period
  • A workplace’s healthiest staff are almost three times more productive than its unhealthiest staff.

(Source 1 and Source 2)

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