Workforce Management Services

2018-07-06 10:41:19

Workforce Management

Your All-Inclusive Business Solution


Let us help lighten the load by managing all your employment requirements in an all-inclusive management solution.

Workplace Central delivers a complete workforce management service taking control of all your staffing requirements from recruitment and payroll to compliance and reporting.

When you partner with Workplace Central, you can get back to your core business knowing that the employment specialists are effectively managing your staffing needs.

Never worry again over staffing issues or second guess yourself, partner with Workplace Central as we live and breathe employment requirements, we’re up to date with all the Fair Work and award news and know how to effectively and efficiently manage your staff so they can be more joyful and productive in the workplace.

Chat to one of our team members today for your free, no obligation consultation to determine the best workforce solution to support your business goals.


Recruitment Services

  • Define selection criteria & position description
  • Advertise vacancy
  • Short-list applications - Interview candidates
  • Make employment offer
  • Notify unsuccessful candidates

Occupational Compliance

  • Benefits, market & pay rate advice
  • Annual pay reviews & increases applied
  • Manage National Employment Standards
  • Immigration, Fair Work, & junior compliance
  • Employment contract & Information Statement – Monitor employee licensing

Payroll Management

  • Pay wages, PAYG & superannuation
  • Integrate staff timesheet system
  • Email pay slips & payment summaries
  • Manage Centrelink, Child Support & banking documents

Human Resources

  • Induction
  • Annual bullying & harassment training
  • Engagement survey
  • Devise policies & procedures
  • Manage staff performance
  • Incentive & professional development consultation
  • Traineeship partners & grants
  • Manage flexible work arrangements
  • Gender pay equity reporting

Health, Safety & Workers’ Comp

  • Workers’ Compensation insurance
  • Annual on-site system review & staff survey – Health/safety induction & manuals
  • Report incident to statutory authority & implement preventative action
  • Review ability to safely perform
  • Rehabilitation coordinator
  • Suitable duties program when returning to work


  • Report invoicing, gross wages & all superannuation paid

Workforce Management helps workplaces manage ongoing staffing requirements, by creating outsourced employment solutions, managing the entire employment lifecycle.

With our streamlined online processes and team of HR and Safety experts, your business can benefit from our team acting as an extension of your team.

Managing a workforce has never been easier – outsource the people needs to the expert team you can rely to do it right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce Management FAQ’s of Workplaces (aka Business Owners & Managers)

Q. Why do businesses outsource their employment requirements & partner with Workplace Central?

A. Just like you outsource your finances to an Accountant, your brand to a Marketing & Design company, your technology to an IT company, we suggest your outsource your people to us! A workforce management solution for your business means you can focus on what you do well and let us ensure your workforce is compliant, time efficient and supported in all human resources (HR), industrial relations (IR), workplace health and safety (WHS), recruitment and payroll functions. Imagine not having to do WH&S audits, payslips, return to work programs after a work cover injury and all the people stuff?

Q. What if I already have someone that processes payroll?

A. That is ok as he/she can still be an integral part of your business and potentially we can free up this resource’s time to focus on the business or other tasks. There’s much more to workforce management than just payroll, so you’d also need to consider your need for access to an HR manager and WHS manager, for example.

Q. Can I just get you to check my employee agreements?

A. We can certainly review these agreements for a client who utilises our packages. Our business model supports continuous engagement with our clients, so we don’t ‘just’ do one-off services. If this is definitely all you need, we have partners we recommend for these services.

Q. How does using a workforce management company boost productivity?

A. Partnering with a workforce management company, like Workplace Central, allows you to focus on the things you do best; the most important things in your workplace. This increases productivity as your employment functions are mostly handled offsite.

Q. What about improving cash flow?

A. Our clients have told us that by packaging all their employment expenses into one simple invoice each pay cycle, it’s improved their cash flow. They don’t have to worry about putting enough aside for super each quarter, when we’ve accommodated for it each week.

Q. I stress at night about my business growing and employing new team members? How can you help?

A. As a complete workforce management solution, recruitment of new team members is an essential part of our service. We can manage the entire process, or parts of it, and come to agreement with you on the most suitable applicant for the role. It’s much easier than finding the time to do it all yourself!

Q. Can this solution improve staff morale?

A. There are many factors that influence staff morale, and being paid on time, every time, is certainly an important factor that we manage for you. As the employer, we can also help to mediate issues that may arise from time to time, and help to set clear expectations through easy to read position descriptions amongst other general HR advice.

Q. What if I have existing staff I’d like you to engage?

A. Our workforce management package can support you in outsourcing existing staff to our workforce management system. We need to do our due diligence as part of this process, so we’re clear on what conditions and entitlements we may be taking on.

Q. How do I let you know what hours to pay people for the week?

A. We set you up with our easy to use, cloud based software developed for businesses just like yours. You collect timesheets (we can support a variety of formats), approve the times, then we do the rest – pay into bank accounts, payslips, super, workers compensation, end of year financial summaries and more.

Q. How do you engage with my workplace?

A. We engage with you and your team in a way that you are comfortable with, however we do have to conduct regular appraisals and like to visit to invest and understand your business and how we can complement you and your team best. An ongoing partnership is beneficial rather than a once off tick.

Q. What happens with performance management? I hate having those difficult conversations!

A. We manage this with you or for you, through our Workplace Partners team, who are experienced in having these difficult conversations. Many factors need to be considered in a performance management process, and it’s our job to make this as painless as possible for both sides of the conversation.

Q. What do I do with the time I have spare after engaging Workplace Central for workforce management?

A. Now that’s the fun bit! No one became a chef to become a HR guru, for instance, so now you have us as your partner, you can spend time doing what you are passionate about. For some this is working on the business not in it, or perhaps you have the passion to learn how to surf, or make sure you don’t miss your child’s ballet concert. Time is yours to imagine…