Workplace Bundles

2018-02-12 11:37:01

Workplace Bundles

These HR templates are perfect for the small business owner who wants to keep a close eye managing their own HR requirements but wants the right foundations from the HR experts. Start off on the right foot, or review your existing processes by using our Workplace templates that are simple to use and come in convenient value bundles.

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  • Employment contract
  • Employment letter of offer
  • Abandonment of employment letters
  • Formal warning letters
  • Parental leave letters
  • Roster template
  • Successful probation letter
  • Unsuccessful probation letter
  • Termination of employment letter

Recruitment & Selection Management


  • Recruitment & Selection policy & Procedure
  • Position description
  • Telephone screening form
  • Interview questions
  • Reference checks
  • Pre-employment medical questionnaire
  • Induction template

Workplace Values & Environment


  • Workplace health & safety policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Bullying, harassment & discrimination policy
  • Equal employment opportunity policy
  • Internet & email policy
  • Social media policy



  • Letter ($22)
  • Checklist ($22)
  • Position description ($55)
  • Policy or procedure ($55)
  • Employment contract ($660)
  • Other items (POA)

Prices are inclusive of GST and are subject to change

Sometimes, all you need is a little helping hand in your business, which is what our Workplace Bundles deliver. These essential document templates are perfect for the busy business owner, who wants to have access to the basics for their business, in easy-to-read language. Where needed, your templates also come with simple instructions on how to implement in particular circumstances.

If you’re ready to hire a new employee, the Recruitment & Selection Management Bundle has the essential document templates to recruit with ease, while the Employee Management Bundle covers the beginning, middle and end of an employment relationship. Plus the Workplace Values and Environment Bundle helps manage your own workplace standards. Or just purchase what you need with our individual templates.


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Keeping You Profitable

“We continue to utilise Workplace Central’s services as they take care of payroll, superannuation & worker’s compensation but they also provide peace of mind by managing our workforce through their total workforce management package.
As a business, this allows us to focus our time and expertise on our operational requirements and keeping the business profitable by retaining customers coming through the doors.”
Paul Sleepy Lagoon Hotel Motel

Workforce management can be a full-time job but it doesn’t have to be yours!

Workplace Central can help engage your entire workforce, or just a portion of your team, plus you can mix-and-match with our other solutions to build the right package for your workplace. Talk to us now by completing this form or calling our office on 1300 766 380.