What’s New

2017-08-11 14:49:22

Update Version 4.2 March 31, 2016
Now you can upload payroll hours directly to myCentral. Click the “upload payroll” icon and follow the instructions to upload your .CSV file, and follow the instructions regarding header rules & more. This ensures you don’t spend time re-entering hours worked for your team!

Update Version 4.1 March 9, 2016
When completing the Workplace Welcome Pack via myCentral, you can now upload semester break timetables. This makes managing staff on International Visas easy and ensures compliance with Immigration!

Update Version 4.0 February 1, 2016
myCentral has undergone a style overhaul! The functionality is essentially the same, with just a few minor changes to the look. You can now view all pending pay runs in a succinct list. To edit a pay run, simply hover your mouse over the pay run and the editing buttons will appear. Move your cursor off the pay run, to make the options disappear again. If you are using a tablet, simply tap the pay run to achieve the same result.
Additionally, paper-based Employee Kits are now obsolete! You can now onboard staff members online using our Workplace Welcome Pack. Inductees can complete a single, online form instead of filling out multiple paper forms by hand, to commence work. To enable the online Welcome Packs, simply request a one-on-one session with a Workplace Partner.

Update Version 3.6.0 December 11, 2015
Our Home and Login pages have been combined, so you’re instantly one click closer to accessing pay runs. The display has been reformatted when printing as a .pdf, so data is always easy to read. Plus, our new sorting functionality means you determine the order information is shown, within each field; for example, sort data alphabetically. 

Update Version 3.5.0 October 23, 2015
Generating reports, on myWorkplaceCentral, is as simple as clicking a button! Press the ‘Export’ button to obtain an Excel spreadsheet of your data. 

Update Version 3.4.0 September 25, 2015
Now it’s even easier to keep track of foreign workers’ details! A preferred name form field has been introduced, plus the visa icons have been updated, so you can see which visa employees are on, at a glance.

Update Version 3.2 August 28, 2015
Monitoring the expiry date of staff visas is easy – the worker will not appear in your pay run. You can keep an eye on staff visa requirements by hovering over the Visa Report. Plus, changes to staff pay rates are highlighted, for easy reference.

Update Version 3.1 August 3, 2015
Choose from the following options to submit timesheet values; now that the Current Activities and View Payruns tabs have been updated on myWorkplaceCentral:
• Single line for the period – enter the total hours for the period (default setting).
• Line for each day – enter the total hours worked, by your employees, on a daily basis.
• Line for each weekday – the payrun will populate from Monday – Friday.
• Additional daily lines – add additional timesheet lines, to different days.

Update Version 3.0 July 1, 2015
We are officially rebranding and changing our name to Workplace Central! Login now to submit your timesheets via my.WorkplaceCentral.

Update Version 2.6 June 4, 2015

Exciting new look! Colour coded timesheet lines have now been added to the left side bar of the screen in both Current Activities and Payruns, this makes it easier to differentiate between hours, allowances, deductions and entitlements.

Update Version 2.4 May 8, 2015
We are delighted to announce the total number of hours are now displayed at the bottom of your weekly/fortnightly payrun! This makes it even easier to get an overview of hours worked, at a glance.

Update Version 2.3 Apr 24, 2015
The Update messages which appear at the top of your screen have now been reduced in size! This means you are kept up to date with my.Haycroft news, plus the visibility of your payroll screen has improved – with greater space to view your pay runs and more.

Update Version 2.2 Apr 1, 2015
Now you only see the content you want to see on my.Haycroft! Next time you submit hours worked, for our system to calculate your employees’ weekly/fortnightly pay; you can choose to display or hide extra details. Additional information like pay period dates and the name of the employee can be hidden from view, at the top of the page, or made visible for easy reference – my.Haycroft, my customised experience.

Update Version 2.1 Mar 12, 2015
Our What’s New feature enables you to discover my.Haycroft updates, as they happen. If it has been a while since you last logged in, don’t worry, you can keep track by browsing the archived list of changes. We are excited to announce our first modification: You wanted to view more workers onscreen, without scrolling, so we shrunk the page header; because your feedback is important!